The Future of Automated Payment Machines APM


TouchPay is at the forefront of revolutionizing the payment landscape with our state-of-the-art Automated Payment Machines (APMs). Designed to streamline financial transactions, our APMs provide a seamless and user-friendly experience for cashing in, paying bills, and loading up accounts. By continuously innovating and enhancing our technology, we strive to make payment processes more convenient and efficient for everyone. Discover the TouchPay difference and join the growing community of users who trust our cutting-edge Automated Payment Machines for all their payment needs.


Send funds, pay bills, purchase prepaid cards, and load cards are performed instantly.

Fully Automated

Highest encryption on all data and transactions – even exceeding, encryption and protection used by financial institutions nationwide.


With a user-friendly interface, say goodbye to long lines to make over-the-counter payments.

Payment terminal that offers the ultimate convenience in all sorts of payments incorporating speed, safety, and security, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


With a solution made for you


TouchPay aims to address the needs of unbanked Filipinos, a substantial segment of the population. With a focus on convenience and accessibility, TouchPay provides a range of payment, loading, and cash-in options tailored to meet this demographic’s specific requirements. By offering diverse choices, TouchPay effectively saves both time and money for its users, optimizing their overall experience.


The TouchPay Advantage


TouchPay offers a competitive advantage in the payment industry through its user-friendly and highly secure payment terminals. These Automated Payment Machines (APM) provide customers with an easy, secure, and convenient way to make payments for various services 24/7, eliminating the need to stand in long lines at payment centers. With the highest encryption standards, TouchPay exceeds the protection used by financial institutions, ensuring the safety of data and transactions.


First to Market

All services on a single platform



Business Process Utility Registered


No Hidden Charges

Amount immediately apparent on screen


Ease of Use

User-friendly interface


No Queuing

Less than a minute per transaction


Zero Pilferage

Fully automated with no human intervention



24/7 Operation



Conveniently located nationwide

TouchPay has revolutionized the way we conduct business transactions

The partnership between TouchPay and Alfamart is highly robust and mutually beneficial. This collaboration has flourished over time due to the excellent services provided by both companies, prioritizing the satisfaction of their customers. Each partner ensures their clients and customers receive the best care and assistance. TouchPay's advanced payment system and Alfamart's extensive network of stores make for a highly effective partnership. The professionalism, dedication, and reliability of each company have contributed to the success of their partnership, and we are optimistic about their future endeavors.

TouchPay has revolutionized the way we conduct business transactions. What I love about this innovative platform is that it enables us to double the foot traffic in our community, thereby enhancing overall financial growth and development. With the help of the TouchPay APM, we can perform transactions at any time of the day or night, making it a truly user-friendly option for everyone.

Furthermore, I must commend the individual who has handled our account on behalf of TouchPay. Her cooperation and assistance have been invaluable, ensuring we receive the best possible service and support. The professionalism and commitment demonstrated by Touchpay and its representatives make it an organization that truly cares about the welfare of its clients.

In conclusion, TouchPay is an exceptional solution for all our financial needs. Its unmatched convenience and reliability, coupled with the exceptional customer service provided by its staff, make it a go-to option for businesses and individuals alike.


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We thank MEPS for being a devoted and excellent partner

As a Bonjour area manager and category manager in charge of all the items and suppliers, I can say that MEPS is a huge help to us as a source of income. Not only that, but MEPS also assists customers in making easier transactions such as paying bills, buying loads, and so on.

From the bottom of my heart, and on behalf of Total, we thank MEPS for being a devoted and excellent partner in expanding our business.


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Outstanding experience with TouchPay and the team

It’s been about 4 years since we started this partnership last 2019. From a few TouchPay APM, when we introduced it as part of the Community Pharmacies added services to drive store traffic, it ballooned to more than 200 stores dispersed in the entire Ph archipelago. It paved the way for us to be more than just a beauty and health plus wellness store into a one-stop shop to pay bills, send money, etc., to every region in Ph.

Benefitting traffic and revenue earnings, we are also positioned to increase locations to put more TouchPay APM.

As we nurture our partnership, we express our deepest gratitude for helping us be more profitable and looking for ways to give our customers the convenience they want in all aspects.

Thank you, Jen and the rest of the TouchPay Team.


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Outstanding experience with TouchPay and the team

We had an outstanding experience with TouchPay and the team. Their response time impressed me as they promptly addressed my queries and concerns, ensuring a smooth and fast transaction process. Moreover, their approachable and friendly representatives made the entire experience effortless and enjoyable, reflecting TouchPay's commitment to providing convenience for its partner billers and payors.


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The partnership has prospered both companies to new heights

TouchPay has been a positive experience for me, from the actual accreditation, technical integration, implementation, and day-to-day operations. The partnership has prospered both companies to new heights in ensuring the products and services are available to customers 24/7 thru their vast network of machines. The relationship between TouchPay and Smart has developed over time and become very particular in that both parties have the same goals, which are mutually beneficial to both.

Thank You TouchPay, for the wonderful years of partnership. Thru thick and thin, thru the pandemic and endemic, we will grow together and thrive on being better than yesterday.

Kudos to the whole TouchPay team! Two Thumbs up! 👍👍


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