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TouchAds aim to create a captured market that advertising clients want to tap for their products and services.


Our Cutting-Edge Digital OOH Platform for TouchPay® APM®


To enhance the user experience and unlock additional value for businesses, each TouchPay APM is equipped with a second screen on top – Introducing TouchAds. This powerful DOOH platform provides advertising clients an exclusive opportunity to tap into a highly engaged market for promoting their products and services.


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TouchAds Specifications


        • Monitor: 22″ Screen – designed for all viewing angle
        • Location: Malls, Call Centers & BPO, Bus Terminals, Condo Residences, Biller’s Offices, Schools, Gas Stations, Hospitals
        • Visibility: Traffic areas & close to stores
        • Operational Hrs.: 24/7
        • Traffic: At least 10 million higher than static
        • Format: MP4, JPG, PNG
        • Resolution Pixels: 1920 x 1080 pixels

TouchAds’ Target Market

TouchAds is an innovative advertising solution that leverages the extensive and diverse user base of TouchPay, encompassing Class A-C market segments. These users demonstrate significant purchasing power, making them an ideal target audience for your products and services. By advertising through TouchAds, you’re positioning your brand within a thriving ecosystem where potential customers are already primed for consumption.

One of the key benefits of utilizing TouchAds as an advertising platform is the flexibility it offers advertisers regarding location targeting. This unique advantage empowers advertisers to pinpoint and select specific locations that resonate with their desired target audience, ensuring their ads are displayed precisely where they will generate the most relevant impressions and engagement. Consequently, by optimizing ad placement and maximizing relevance, advertisers can effectively boost traction and enhance the overall performance of their campaigns.

In conclusion, TouchAds presents an invaluable opportunity to engage with a receptive and diverse audience with considerable purchasing power. With the ability to customize ad location, advertisers can optimize their campaigns to resonate with their target customers, generating increased relevance and traction in an ever-competitive market. Choose TouchAds and propel your business to new heights.

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Harnessing TouchPay’s Direct Interaction

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TouchAds offers brands a golden opportunity. It’s more than advertising – it’s a chance for brands to interact with their consumers more personally. It’s all about using sensory marketing to engage customers in a seldom-experienced way. People interact with TouchPay machines; every use is a potential 2-minute window where brands can create a lasting impression.

What’s more, the way these machines are built, they’re like mini brand recall factories. When customers interact with the loading or paying process, it’s not just about paying for something. It’s about fostering a relationship between your brand and the customer. The result? Customers remember your brand. Your product is on the tip of their tongues when it’s time to buy.

But that’s not all. These TouchPay machines blend into the users’ daily life. People have fallen into the habit of paying their bills through these terminals. This routine means more opportunities for interaction and for your brand to stick. The takeaway here is simple: TouchAds isn’t just another advertising platform. It combines direct interaction, sensory marketing, and routine to help brands make a meaningful, lasting impact. In other words, with TouchAds, your brand is not just heard – it’s felt!


Leveraging the Expansive Reach of TouchAds

Imagine for a moment the vast potential that comes with engaging over 3 million transactions each month. This striking figure is the reality for businesses that advertise with TouchAds, a leading DOOH advertising platform optimally positioned atop the popular TouchPay APMs. The TouchPay APMs are more than just transactional devices; they are bustling hubs of activity, attracting millions of potential customers every month. Businesses that grasp the massive potential of this opportunity are those that truly understand the power of placing their brand in the heart of consumer interaction.

The level of foot traffic experienced by TouchPay APMs is nothing short of dazzling, with an astounding 6 million individuals passing by monthly. That’s 6 million opportunities for your brand to catch the eye of consumers and leave a lasting impression. Your brand won’t just blend into the background. With TouchAds, you have the stage, the spotlight, and the eyes of millions upon you consistently throughout the month. This level of exposure fuels brand recall, aiding in converting passing individuals into loyal customers.

But let’s look even closer at the day-to-day interactions at TouchPay APMs. They handle an average of over 100,000 transactions daily, which means repeated, daily exposure for your brand. Each one of these transactions is another chance to connect with consumers to resonate with their needs and interests. Every time a transaction happens, it’s an opportunity for your brand to create a bond with an individual, share its message, and turn an ordinary moment into an extraordinary one. With TouchAds, you’re not just advertising your brand, and you’re transforming it into a memorable part of people’s everyday lives. Harness the expansive reach of TouchAds and elevate your brand beyond the ordinary.

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Strategic Locations at Your Fingertips

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Connect with audiences in the locations that matter most with TouchAds, an innovative DOOH advertising platform designed to draw attention. Offering customizable ad packages, TouchAds empowers businesses to create engaging, targeted, and geographically-focused advertising campaigns that resonate with their core audience. With 1800+ TouchPay APMs spread nationwide in all kinds of high-traffic venues, your message will be seen by a vast and diverse audience. In this age of hyper-digital communication, there’s never been a better time to leverage geography to make a lasting impact with a tailored advertising approach.

Whether it’s shopping malls, bustling convenience stores, busy bus terminals, well-frequented gas stations, biller’s offices, condo residences, or factories, your targeted TouchAds campaigns will be strategically positioned to reach their intended audiences. These prime locations are all chosen for maximum visibility, making them ideal platforms to showcase your brand and capture the attention of a myriad of consumers. Leverage these high-traffic areas to put your brand’s message front and center, and see your advertising campaigns come to life in the most impactful way possible.

What sets TouchAds apart from traditional advertising avenues is its incredible reach into locations that might otherwise be hard to penetrate, such as call centers, BPOs, schools, and hospitals. This unparalleled access to a range of distinct demographics and sectors grants your brand an unmatched opportunity to engage new and niche audiences. Whether you’re looking to connect with a broad spectrum of consumers or focus on specific groups, TouchAds empowers you to reach beyond the boundaries of conventional advertising. Embrace the power of strategic, geographical marketing with TouchAds, and let the world know the value your brand brings to their lives.


Cost-Effective Advertising with TouchAds

Discover the value for money of TouchAds, a pioneering DOOH advertising platform designed with your budget in mind. When TouchAds introduced its Screens, it upped the advantages without inflating the price tag. This revolutionary platform brings unprecedented cost-effectiveness and high return, making it an invaluable asset for businesses looking to amplify their reach without breaking the bank.

Uniquely, TouchAds isn’t just another advertising conduit; it’s a catalyst for direct conversion to sales. By integrating your brand as a product or biller, your advertisement transforms into an opportunity for immediate interaction and transaction. Not many platforms offer this capability, effectively turning your marketing message into a point of sale. This distinct feature of TouchAds increases the potential for real-time engagement and opens up clear pathways to purchase, making it a powerful tool in your sales strategy.

By allowing your ad to double as a point of sale, TouchAds sharpens your ability to measure ROI more accurately. In marketing, measurable success is crucial in optimizing campaigns, allocating budgets, and making strategic decisions. When the path from advertisement to sale becomes a straight line with direct transactions, determining the effectiveness of your ad campaign becomes straightforward, providing valuable insights. With TouchAds, your advertising spend is not just an expense but a cost-effective investment allowing for measurable returns and sustainable growth.

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TouchPay has revolutionized the way we conduct business transactions

The partnership between TouchPay and Alfamart is highly robust and mutually beneficial. This collaboration has flourished over time due to the excellent services provided by both companies, prioritizing the satisfaction of their customers. Each partner ensures their clients and customers receive the best care and assistance. TouchPay's advanced payment system and Alfamart's extensive network of stores make for a highly effective partnership. The professionalism, dedication, and reliability of each company have contributed to the success of their partnership, and we are optimistic about their future endeavors.

TouchPay has revolutionized the way we conduct business transactions. What I love about this innovative platform is that it enables us to double the foot traffic in our community, thereby enhancing overall financial growth and development. With the help of the TouchPay APM, we can perform transactions at any time of the day or night, making it a truly user-friendly option for everyone.

Furthermore, I must commend the individual who has handled our account on behalf of TouchPay. Her cooperation and assistance have been invaluable, ensuring we receive the best possible service and support. The professionalism and commitment demonstrated by Touchpay and its representatives make it an organization that truly cares about the welfare of its clients.

In conclusion, TouchPay is an exceptional solution for all our financial needs. Its unmatched convenience and reliability, coupled with the exceptional customer service provided by its staff, make it a go-to option for businesses and individuals alike.


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We thank MEPS for being a devoted and excellent partner

As a Bonjour area manager and category manager in charge of all the items and suppliers, I can say that MEPS is a huge help to us as a source of income. Not only that, but MEPS also assists customers in making easier transactions such as paying bills, buying loads, and so on.

From the bottom of my heart, and on behalf of Total, we thank MEPS for being a devoted and excellent partner in expanding our business.


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Outstanding experience with TouchPay and the team

It’s been about 4 years since we started this partnership last 2019. From a few TouchPay APM, when we introduced it as part of the Community Pharmacies added services to drive store traffic, it ballooned to more than 200 stores dispersed in the entire Ph archipelago. It paved the way for us to be more than just a beauty and health plus wellness store into a one-stop shop to pay bills, send money, etc., to every region in Ph.

Benefitting traffic and revenue earnings, we are also positioned to increase locations to put more TouchPay APM.

As we nurture our partnership, we express our deepest gratitude for helping us be more profitable and looking for ways to give our customers the convenience they want in all aspects.

Thank you, Jen and the rest of the TouchPay Team.


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Outstanding experience with TouchPay and the team

We had an outstanding experience with TouchPay and the team. Their response time impressed me as they promptly addressed my queries and concerns, ensuring a smooth and fast transaction process. Moreover, their approachable and friendly representatives made the entire experience effortless and enjoyable, reflecting TouchPay's commitment to providing convenience for its partner billers and payors.


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The partnership has prospered both companies to new heights

TouchPay has been a positive experience for me, from the actual accreditation, technical integration, implementation, and day-to-day operations. The partnership has prospered both companies to new heights in ensuring the products and services are available to customers 24/7 thru their vast network of machines. The relationship between TouchPay and Smart has developed over time and become very particular in that both parties have the same goals, which are mutually beneficial to both.

Thank You TouchPay, for the wonderful years of partnership. Thru thick and thin, thru the pandemic and endemic, we will grow together and thrive on being better than yesterday.

Kudos to the whole TouchPay team! Two Thumbs up! 👍👍


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