TouchPay® is the country’s only…

Fully Automated

Highest encryption on all data and transactions – even exceeding, encryption and protection used by financial institutions nationwide.

Real Time

Send funds, pay bills, purchase prepaid cards, and load cards are performed instantly.


With a user-friendly interface, say goodbye to long lines to make over-the-counter payments.

… payment terminal that offers the ultimate convenience in all sort of payments incorporating speed, safety, and security, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


It’s always about simplifying payments and transactions. We focus on these core business segments: Top-up, Remittance, Bills Payment, Real-time Payment, e-Wallet and Payment Solutions.


To date, TouchPay® already accepts payments from the following Partner Billers. This is just a slice of our client base and more are being signed up every day.

Further, as TouchPay® is actively expanding its range of Partner Billers with local, international brands across multiple industries, more and more people will use the system, making the APM® a valuable platform to promote and advertise products and programs – and our APM® are equipped from day one to take advantage of this. Each of TouchPay® APM® are therefore equipped to promote products and dispense information as well as collect payments.


With a Management Team that brings over decade of experience in Information Technology, Automated Payments, and Credit & Collection to TouchPay® and used this to develop and automated and self-service payment collection system in its stand-alone kiosks, often referred as reversed ATMs.

TouchPay® collection system focuses on elements critical to both the partner biller and the individual payor, mainly data encryption security, the monetary storage security, and crediting of payments in real time.

TouchPay® makes few distinctions in selecting partner billers. Basically if you bill your client, then we can carry you on our system! The result is that TouchPay® can offer Partner Billers true force multiplication, without incurring significant capital or operating costs. Through the terminal of TouchPay® (APM® Automated Payment Machine), Partner Billers will benefit from a collection system that is available to clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no weekends, and no holidays.

On the payor side, TouchPay® offers true versatility and convenience by eliminating the need to seek out payment stations, waste time lining up, and adding safety especially in terms of carrying cash payments.


TouchPay® APM® are located in all over secure locations in Metro Manila, Cebu, Davao, and other Provincial Areas. APM® will be found indoors, in mall areas, hospitals and condominium lobbies, transportation terminals, airports, convenience stores and other locations.

Our choice of location considers the amount of foot traffic, the security of the area basically seeking to provide the greatest convenience to the largest number of people, in a place that is secure. Location is indeed everything, and this is our recipe for the success of TouchPay® and its Partner Billers. TouchPay® are however flexible in that, should any location prove to be less that ideal, it is a simple matter to uproot the APM® and deploy it elsewhere.

For Sales and Customer Care:

Globe: (0906) 327.9161 /
(0966) 837.5798
Smart: (0919) 057.1010
Landline: (02) 8.539.9900




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